American Diner Book


American Diner
By Richard J.S.Gutman and Elliott Kaufman
Harper+Row, 1979 hardbound and 1980 paperback.

The New York Times Book Review January 18, 1981
New and Noteworthy
“Mr. Gutman’s account of Diners past is illuminated by several hundred
black-and-white pictures gleaned from many archives.; the look of the people and things
to be found in Diners present is vividly shown in 100 photographs, some of them in color, by Elliott Kaufman”

Focus Magazine February 6, 1980
American Diner then is a history of America told through its Diners. It is also an exciting book to look at as it includes hundreds of photographs,- some of them historical: others, the exciting contemporary work of Elliott Kaufman. He is renowned locally for his
commercial work and his achievements in producing photo murals. His local clients have included several major banks, airlines, insurance companies, SEPTA, WCAU-TV, WPVI-TV and others too numerous to mention here. Kaufman has also participated in exhibitions
for the past 10 years and had his work featured in professional publications.